Mojo V3 with 1400x1050 TFT display


Sorry if this is wrong forum for this but I've attached 1400x1050 tft display to Mojo V3 Arduino "compatiple" FPGA board.

I made the thing have a 32kilobyte dualport character buffer, it was easy that way to implement character input and the display portion.

Here's another shaky video...

The thing is coded in VHDL with Xilinx ISE 14.7 on Linux (Fedora 28) I haven't done much coding in VHDL so the code is probably bad, very bad I assume.

LF forces the row one down and CR returns the "cursor" at the first column. LF+CR starts a new line from first column and next row...

The TFT screen can display 175x65 full characters, the last row is clipped if 66 rows are printed as the font used is 8x16 and the display is 1400x1050

There's no means to clear the display at the moment, either clear the screen when row counter gets to 66 or make the display scroll up one line/row.