Moog -> Midishield -> Arduino Mega -> Luminglas Help please!


So I’m working on a project for a friend and need some help! I am attempting to take the Midi Out of a Moog Tarus 3 and have it act as a gate for a power supply to a piece of luminglas (static panel). I can do it after the power supply so it would only be about 5V DC. I thought there would be a easy way to program this, but since I have no experience with C++ or Arduino I’m at a loss. I have the Midi Shield, a Arduino Mega, and all the parts a pieces. I am pretty tech savvy (I’ve built a makerbot thing-o-matic before) and program on other consoles- but lack this specific skill set. I would be willing to pay someone to program and assist with this or just be forever indebted to open source friends who could offer assistance. Attached is a basic outline of what is trying to occur. Thanks! Any response is appreciated.
-Nate in Chicago

To help us help you it's best if you provide us with a bit more information (always good if you can provide links). I can imagine what a "Moog Tarus 3" might be from the picture but a bit more information is needed anyway. What kind of MIDI info do you get from it and how would you like to react on that.

Some more documents about the luminglas is also needed. How do you wanna influence it. Power-on, power-off, change some voltage levels, giving pulses?

I would start by installing you MIDI shield on the Arduino and try out the examples for it. If that works you know at least that your hardware is doing as it should. In the next step you would then create a hardware to control your luminglas device and some test software for that.

If everything worked you can integrate the two things and let it behave the way you intended.