Motor control

Hi again! Now I'm asking this for my boyfriend.

He's trying to control a motor by moving forward or backward. To do that it should be only alternating between HIGH and LOW on both pins, right?

The thing is the motor doesn't work like that, but it does work when he connects one of the motor's wires to the 5V and the other to the GND pin.

He thinks it's a voltage issue, but in says pins work on 5V when pinMode is set to output and digitalWrite is set to HIGH.

What can he do?

You could try getting a double pole 2~5 vole relay double contact and using that to reverse the voltage, could also try using different motors with the 3v rating... What rating are the motors hes using now?

We'll need to know a lot more about how the motor is connected to the Arduino. Is there an H-bridge chip? A motor driver shield? Some sort of discrete H-bridge? And it would help a lot if you could post the sketch code, and a clear description of what you want it to do, and what it actually does.

Hi! I'm the boyfriend :P I'm a noob on electronics, robotics and arduino. I decided to register myself beacuse it woulb me a lot easier.

I think the motor i'm using runs on 6V but on 5V works just fine. I've tried 3V ones, but the ones i have don't have any kind of cogs or gearbox so they dont have enough power to move the system.

I'm not using any kind of H-bridge, or driver shield. Do I realy need to?

The purpose is to make a vehicle run using some "Processing" code, which basically consists of key strokes sending different values trough serial and those would change movement mode

Later today i'll post both arduino and processing code. thanks for the help.

I'm not using any kind of H-bridge, or driver shield. Do I realy need to?

Yes, you'll need a motor driver. The Arduino's output pins can only supply a maximum of 40mA, which is not enough to drive a motor directly. Can you tell us how much current your motors draw?

Try reading this for a start.