Motor driver L293D shield - on top of other shields (1Sheeld)


For my project, I am using two shields: 1Sheeld+ (for speech recognition and TTS) and a motor shield L293D (for controlling DC motors) with an Arduino UNO.

A priori 1Sheeld+ allows almost all shields to be placed on top of it. Since both can hook up on the Arduino, I was wondering whether placing a shield (the 1Sheeld+ in this case) between the L293D and the Arduino is allowed.

So what I am asking is: is it possible to do the particular stacking Arduino + 1Sheeld + L293D ?

Thanks in advance for the answer !

PS: Here are some pictures of the shields I'm talking about.

It should work, give it a try! Be sure to use a seperate power source for the motors and that all grounds are connected.

Thank you for the quick answer ! I will try that then. :slight_smile:

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