motor question

hey guys, working on a project, got stuck while doing it:

i have a bunch of motors, all of which (i think) have an interesting setup… each has a encoder mounted on the back, with the power wires going not away seperately, but isntead into the encoder assembly, and only from that assembly do 2 seperate power wires (red and black, so im guessing power) emerge. also, the encoder assembly has a 10-pin set sticking out from the side… my question is this… if i was to take off the assembly, and cut the two wires going from that assembly to the motor itself, could i use those with the arduino (through the special motor control shield)?

also, the only motor spec i have is 24 VDC, with a 96:1 ratio… if that means anything to u

If there’s a 96:1 ratio specified, then you must have “gearmotors”, that is, a motor with a built-in reduction gearbox. That’s rather useful for things like robot drive motors, because you get slower rotation and more torque.

not too helpful, but thx, i realized there was a gearbox just now, it was just enclosed and looked like part of the motor’s encasing…

also, i just found the the leads going to the motor labeled 1 and 2… why…?

on the same topic… the damn motor is 24 v… and i absoltely need to use this one… is there any way to power it, along with about 4 more, using a system similar to the one described here:

Both the L293 or the SN754410 H-Bridge parts in your link will work on 24 volts. I would think you can power the motor directly using the two wires going into the encoder assembly. But those H-Bridge parts only supply one amp or less so you neeed to find out how much current the motor requires. You could measure the current with a multimeter or perhaps if you post some photos of the motor someone here may recognize it and have more info.

i tried powering with a 9v and failed (well, i mean i guess that was a given" but anyways, i did it by stripping out the encoder assembly and connecting the power directly to the wires of the motor, which is what i need for the arduino + h bridge… but now since i knw this should work, il see what i can do…

and, btw, for the h bridge setup, could i literally just hook up a 24 v power source, e.g. a battery (with the proper resistors i guess) and then have the signal wires go to the arduino, instead of having the 5 v and grnd go to the arduino (cause thats just power right?)

oh, and, for the record… what can i use as a damn 24 v power supply, i only have a bunch of 12 v batteries and charges lying round

Two 12 volt batteries in series will give you 24 volts for testing. But as I said in my previous post, the selection of power source is dependent on you finding out how much current the motors draw.