Motorised camera slider

Hi all,

I am making a motorised camera slider, and figured I would use this topic to post updates and keep track of the advancement of the project.

I'm making this for a friend who's a photographer. He wants to use it mostly for timelapses, i.e., take 100s of photos over long durations (30min-4h).

Here's a potato-quality video of where I got so far:

At the moment I managed to get manual remote control of the dolly and camera trigger. Next step is implementing the actual useful part, that is, the Program mode. The user enters the total travel distance, travel time, and number of pictures (or time between them) and the dolly moves automatically and pictures are taken at the desired intervals. Based on the travel time & distance I plan to have two modes:

  • for fast travel: continuous mode, the dolly moves continuously on the rails and pictures are taken at set intervals while the dolly is moving.
  • for slow travel (intended use): move-shoot-move, the dolly moves to position, a picture is taken, dolly moves to next position etc. This allows very slow timelapses, e.g. 400 photos over 4 hours, while saving battery (motor is disabled after each move).

Suggestions and remarks welcome!