Motors/servo for a robot knee Joint


I’m new to almost everything here. What kind of motor/servo would you suggest I use for a robots joints?

For example the knee joint:
The thigh would be anywhere from 1 to 2" (25.4-50.8mm) in height and the shin would also be the same size (see attached image).

What size and type motor or servo would you suggest? Im not sure because there are so many out there and I’d like to work on a small scale for this but also have enough power to move the robot once completed. If you need any more info to help you, help me, please ask. Back to googling. Any help is greatly appreciated!


How much weigh Thigh and Shin. Next, you can find torque. M=mgh( m= kg, g=9.8, h= met) and choose motor.

Stripper heels! 8)