Mp3 Player and display

Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with a MP3 project I'm trying to build. I'm using a arduino uno
with a vs1053 mp3 shield that fits on top of it. I'm using the correct libraries, and it
does output music. Arduino Official Store | Boards Shields Kits Accessories

The problem is that my LCD display is having interference because it is using some of the same
pins as the mp3 shield. I wired up the display as showen.

I was considering moving over to a arduino mega and wiring up my display using some of the
digital pins 22 through 53, trying to eliminate any crosstalk or interference through the mp3
shield pins in use.

Am I overthinking the problem, is there anyway to still use the uno in this project (without using
the analog pins, there also in use). Any ideas would be appreciated.


Sure there must be a way of doing this.
But you didn't tell all there is to tell about your project.
You said don't tell me to use the analog pins because they're already in use.
By what ?
Are all of them in use, and do you need all of them to be in use ?
If you don't tell about that, it will be hard to give you a correct advice which will not be turned down by you for some yet unknown reason.