MPU-9250 help required

Hi, I am using an MPU-9250 and the code bolderflight/mpu9250 from github (GitHub - bolderflight/invensense-imu: Arduino and CMake library for communicating with the InvenSense MPU-6500, MPU-9250 and MPU-9255 nine-axis IMUs.).

I believe all the connections are properly connected to the right pins, however, whenever I run the code I get

IMU initialization unsuccessful
Check IMU wiring or try cycling power
Status: -5

I can not figure out what this means and what I need to do to fix this, any help would be appreciated

You can check the wiring by running the I2C address scanner.

Be sure to use logic level shifters, if you are attempting to connect a 5V Arduino to a 3.3V sensor that does not already have them.

Thanks for the quick reply, I did run the scanner and was getting the address 0x68, if I have just been using the 3.3V power output on the uno do I still need to use logic level shifters?

Yes, you really need to use logic level shifters, despite the many bad tutorials that suggest otherwise.

Better, use a 3.3V Arduino, then you don't need level shifters, or buy a more modern 9DOF sensor breakout that has the level shifters built in. The LSM9DS1 and similar work MUCH better than the discontinued MPU-9250.

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