MSGEQ7 chip only seperating 4 instead of 7 Frequency bands.

I recently build 2 large 15x15 LED matrixes for which i want to write a spectrum analzer script using the MSGEQ7 chip.
I am currently in the process of getting everything to work properly and i've ran into a problem with my chip:

I only can seperate between 4 different frequency regions instead of 7.

I am following this tutorial with a slightly modified script (basically just longer delays).

When i open the plotter and connect my phone via an Audio Jack and a 10k resistor and then start playing a sinus wave, starting from 0Hz, and ending at 20kHz i get

the first "rise" is comleted at ~500Hz, the second at 1500, the third at 4500 and the third at 15000Hz.
Im getting nothing in the bass region (60Hz), and every line seems to be drawn twice.
I've also tried code from a different website with similar results.

What am i doing wrong ?
Did i get a knckoff chip ?
And also: If i cant get this to work, is there another way to do something like this without extra hardware (maybe a PC-Programm with serial interface) ?
Any help is aprechiated.

You could well have a faulty chip. I did not get that trouble when I did a dual one for the Raspberry Pi.

However I had a glance at the code and it looks odd, just hitting the reset pin to get the other channels out. I seem to remember it was a lot more involved than that. Look at the data sheet to get the proper sequence of signals to get the signal out of it.