My stepper motor is vibrated

my stepper motor is rotated but it is vibrated
can i solve this problem?

this picture is my set up

and i out site power is power supply so i can change voltage
even when i use suitable power, stepper motor is vibrated

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thank you

All we know about your motor is, it is square and has 4 colored wires (from the picture).
What is the motor's rated voltage? Rated current? Winding resistance? Number of steps per revolution? ...
Would be easier if you posted the datasheet for your particular motor.

The cheap L298 based motor drivers are poor brushed motor drivers and even worse stepper drivers. If you post a data sheet for the motor, we can help you choose a much better driver.

Also more modern drivers will allow micostepping which can smooth the motor and prevent unwanted resonances.

Most modern stepper motors are low-impedance and require a current-controlling driver like a DRV8825. There are some exceptions so we need to know exactly which motor and its winding characteristics.

Did you check the current and amps? If not, Check these.
To get your extruder motor to turn, make sure you're getting the right amount of voltage and current through it.
The motors will vibrate and not rotate if you don't have enough amperage output from your designated stepper drivers.

My 2 cents: Use the A4988 or DRV88xx driver boards.

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