NAN YA Display LTC79H202T50K

How is the LCD ltc79h202t50k connected to the arduino mega 2560? Have problems to run. I would be very thankful for help

no one can me help?

Ask the Vendor for help. I can find a German Ebay listing here

You could ask them (if you can read German).

Judging by the photo of the pcb, my guess would be that you have an SPI display that might have a 3.3V level-converter chip. What is the part number on the SOIC-14 chip?

If it does not shift the logic levels on the pcb, you will have to do this yourself. (because a MEGA2560 is 5V only)


The Part Number on the Chip is JM03AHE3 LP324M

You could have Googled for yourself. LP324M seems to be an Operational Amplifier.

You can either trace the pcb for yourself and reconstruct the schematic. Or simply ask the Vendor.

I suspect that this display requires 3.3V logic.


Thanks David