Need advice on the appropriate model

Hi folks,

Working on an engineering design project for uni (RC Boat) and I need some method of translating the radio inputs into controls for the motor, servo's, ect. I DON'T actually need to create/program the system, I just need to pick an appropriate model so I can stick it into the design. I would appreciate if someone with experience with these devices could point me at the one I need as I really have no idea about the differences between them and the limitations of each.

I don't know if the following is important but it might be
The boat is large, 1m long, and is powered by a motor capable of moving it >80km/h at I believe ~14V. The radio controller will be pretty stardard for a RC machine and there are only 2 servos controlling the rudder. I'm the fluids dynamist designing the hull so I don't know the other system specs exactly but can get them if necessary

Thanks in advance!

Why not use a regular radio receiver? They are quite programmable and customizable.

I agree with @MorganS. You need something with proven reliability and range for a fast boat like that.

If you still want to use an Arduino any one should do. What you describe is not complex.