Need Beginner Support

Hi ,

I've just started this journey . I've completed some of the projects in the starter kit with no problems .
I found some tutorials on youtube , I've follwed the exact details of code and keep getting an error notice ...

int LEDPin=13;
int waitTimeOn=500;
int waitTimeOff=500;

void setup() {


void loop() {



I get this message when I try to uplaod ?

exit status 1
expected ';' before '{' token

many thanks , Richard

} != )

Close, but not close enough.

Please remember to use code tags when posting code.

What has this got to do with Apple?


There really is a difference: "(","{" and "), "}"

I am stumped by the "Apple" reference, too.

Try compiling this:

void setup() {
void loop() {

tried this and got this :
exit status 1
expected ';' before '{' token

many thanks ..

you've been using '{' and '}'in place of '(' and ')' in many places.
functions use round brackets to take in (or not!) parameters.
curly brackets are to enclose the function's code

please see fixed code below (I've commented out the incorrect curly braces for your understanding)

int LEDPin = 13;
int waitTimeOn = 500;
int waitTimeOff = 500;

void setup() {

  pinMode(/*{*/LEDPin, OUTPUT/*}*/);

void loop() {

  digitalWrite(/*{*/LEDPin, HIGH/*}*/);
  digitalWrite(/*{*/LEDPin, LOW/*}*/);


hope that helps...

Thats , really kind of you .
thank you for your kindness .

Hi Sherzaad,

  Have I made another simple mistake , have I not specified pin 10 as my output and interger ?

You have specified pin 13 in the code you trialled

Success ... Cheers .
So , I'm building a turntable. which needs a tachometer and also the capabilty read the platter speed and adjust itself to maintain a constant RPM . There are off the shelf solutions ,but that doesnt feel right as I've made everthing else by aquiring other skills . This is tons of fun for an old man playing in his little workshop .
I really appreciate your kind patience .

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