Need help on project for mega 2560 and proto shield

Currently, i am doing a project on a 16x32 rgb led matrix board in school. I am given a arduino mega 2560, a proto shield for the mega, an arduino xbee pro shield, and a libelium bluebooth board. Upon stacking all the boards, i could not upload any codes into the board. Am i using a wrong bluetooth device for this project?

First determine if you can upload to the board without the shields connected.

Some shields use pins 0 and 1, requiring the shield to be disconnected in order to upload sketches (these are the hardware serial pins, used for uploading sketches and for the serial console, in addition to being used to interact with some other devices.). For further comment, please link to the exact shields you're using - there are countless xbee and bluetooth shields available, each slightly different. Note that both xbee and bluetooth devices frequently make use of the serial pins. Some shields have a jumper that can be removed to disconnect it from the serial pins in order to upload sketches.

These are the boards that i am using.