Need Help Searching for a Part

hello everyone. I am looking for a part and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find it. I attached a picture and circled the part that Im looking for.

Motor.pdf (28.2 KB)

kinda looks like an inverse unilateral phase detractor.
but, without the arm, is seems to be similar to an automatically synchronizing cardinal grammeter.
did that come out of a Turbo-encabulator ?

To be better help, a good photo or a link would help to pin it down.



Here is a video of it being used

the arm is just plastic that has been cut and a hole drilled in the end.
two bearings, like skateboard bearings are attached by a nut and bolt.

Oh ok I see that. But on the inside it looks like its like a gear at the end. It has a toothed end. Thats why Im having trouble finding it

the arm looks like it has been made by the person who made the video.
it has lines that look like it was done at home.
I think you will need to make your own.

one way would be to make the plastic arm from a coat hanger or cutting board or something. and then drilling the gear on the gear train and screwing it to the gear. from two pieces, you make a custom piece.

oh ok

Do you think the plastic box was homemade too?

My guess is yes. Many people now own laser cutters that make this sort of thing easy and if not you can send design files off to a laser cutting service.

This concept looks eerily familiar!

Look, there are many ways of doing this. Obviously, the first constructor used laser cutting and acrylic because he could, but other mechanisms could be used. Heavy duty (but still in the "hobby" range) servos would be the obvious ones.

creating such a machine is a large project and I would not considerer it a first project.

having access to a 3D printer or laser cutter or CNC would make the job easier but the project could be made with hand tools, files saw, ect.
I would saw to get parts from old printers. you might be able to get all you need

Laser Example

wood example

also the use of a stepper requires mains power. if you want to use battery power, the mains would be needed to charge the car battery.

I think I’m going to buy the gears and handmade the plastic arm and the box.