Need More current in Servo

Hi guys so I have some Servo motor but if I control all them arduino will not support the current requested by them. I am thinking in add some transistor but I dont know how to interface them with the Servos and the arduino anybody can show me or post some electricl schematic.

Thank you

It is not a good idea to power even a single servo from the Arduino 5v pin.

Give the servos a separate power supply and connect the servo GND to the Arduino GND.

There is no need for any transistors.


You should only have the servo signal driven from the Arduino. The servo power should come direct from a good power supply or rechargeable batteries.


SO if I Have 4 of this -->

How many A I woul need like 8A?

I would need like 8A?

You need MORE than 8A. Always oversize a power supply.