Negative voltage from a summing opamp

Is there any way you can read this on the analog pins of an arduino?

Is it possible to convert the negative voltage to a positive one?

I have been looking but I have not found a solution.

You need an opamp to convert the range into a range of 0..5V. Perhaps a simple solution with 2 resistors is also possible.

Is that summing opamp powered with a negative and positive voltage ? Could you change that ? Could you replace that summing opamp with another circuit ? What are you measuring (what is the input of the summing opamp) ? You can add voltages in the Arduino, perhaps you can supply the two signals to two analog inputs of the Arduino ?

The negative voltage must not be connected to the Arduino. To change it to a positive voltage, a second op amp should be wired into the circuit. This is a standard circuit.

The gain of this new circuit can be adjusted to give a positive voltage that the Arduino will use with best efficiency : the 0 volt to 5.0 volt range as input to the analog input pin.