New in New York, know any local shops?

Hi there,
I will be staying in NY for a few days and need to buy some parts for my Arduino, like solenoids, transistors, diodes and jump wires, do you know if there is any good electronic shop I can go to?
I am based in Queens Astoria but I can travel with the subway.

Many thanks for help!

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Well, there's Adafruit

"Adafruit Industries
80 Nassau Street, Unit 4C
New York NY 10038
Fax: (917) 210-3397
Tel: (646) 248-7822
We do not accept phone orders
Please note: We do not have a retail store, orders cannot be picked up from Adafruit."

Guess that's out.

Maybe try contacting some of these guys

"NYC Resistor is a hacker collective with a shared space located in downtown Brooklyn. We meet regularly to share knowledge, hack on projects together, and build community."
Next gathering looks to be Thursday.

I don't know if these guys actually have a storefront or not.


many thanks for all suggestions.
I will send them an email in a minute.

I was thinking at some kind of shop where I can go to and buy simple parts on the go, but those links are great anyway! I will give it a go.



"shop where I can go to and buy simple parts on the go"
Afraid you need someone with local knowledge for that.

Well in a pinch, Radio Shack might do. If you are not familiar with them, they are a chain of stores that sell electronics parts and gizmos, such as the TRS-80 back in the 1970's. After an initial bankruptcy, they were bought by the Tandy Leather Company, which was always a strange pairing. The leather works have now been sold, and the Tandy company just operates the Radio Shack stores. Here is the corporate history:

While in general RS tends to sell pre-made consumer electronic products and cell phones, they generally do have an area in the back where they stock components and such. Recently, RS has seemed to rediscover the hobbiest electronics market, and perhaps has more variety now. Depending on the store, you still get a lot of clerks with the deer in the headlights look if you ask for a random part. Prices do tend to be on the high side, but if you need something immediately, they are plentiful.

Obviously, I would expect more specialized shops in the NYC area, but perhaps they aren't in Manhattan, but in Brooklyn or the other boroughs.

that'll probably do, I mainly need to buy some jump wires, prototype boards, piezos etc


MicroCenter in Yonkers (750-A Central Park Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10704, 914-595-3020)

Look in their DIY Hobby Electronics section: They have a good supply of Arduino (and Raspberry Pi), Sparkfun, Parallax, DigiStump, Nightfire, TinkerKit a bunch of NTE Electronics components (that are not that well organized) and a few books.

On their website you can check their stock before going there and being disappointed.

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Suggest you check the dates on topics you reply to. The info you posted is good, the discussion was from over a year ago tho.

Good thing he did reply, because I'm going there tomorrow and now I know where to go :slight_smile:

Tinkersphere is the new storefront in Manhattan born from where you can find Arduino boards, jumper cables, breadboards, LEDs, Lilypads, the works! The reason this shop was opened was to help tinkerers and roboticists find the components they need right in the city.

304 East 5th Street (between 1st and 2nd Avenues) in Manhattan. You can take the F train to 2nd Ave. Hope this helps!

Hi there!
As this thread was last updated Feb, 2014 and this topic is exactly what I'm looking for, can someone tell me places mentioned here is still ok?
I'm planning to spend some time in NY as a way finish some projects, making advantage of place's easy to find IoT parts, as here in Brazil is very hard to find some of them. As I love to be in the USA, it will be great to unite tourism, shopping and study. Any help will be appreciated.

super tks!