Need guidance or someone who can help write a code involves 2 pneumatic cylinder

More details needed

Which Arduino ?
What hardware, links to it would be handy ?
How much experience do do have of Arduino and/or programming, electronics and engineering ?
Have you tried to write any code yourself ? If so then please post it here

There is a section where you can post and hire somebody to do your design both hardware and software. I get the impression you have no experience in the electronics, microcontroller and or software world. The first thing is to get the Arduino cookbook and read it, it will give you a lot of basic information and you may even find a design there that you can use. You are going to need some background in basic electronics, that can be gotten on like in the form of tutorials. This does does not answer your question but it should give you an idea of what is needed to answer your question.

spsbid, hard to tell from your post if you have a desire to learn controlling 2 pneumatic cylinder
with an Arduino, personally I can’t think of a better way to get your feet wet.

if you want to learn, post some details on your project, also what Arduino board you have and
the model number of the Air control valves you plan to use.

working backward. the piston gets air from a valve.
a valve that is electrically controlled is called a solenoid. typically high power
we can use an Arduino to interrupt that power with a relay

from the Arduino point of view, the ON/OFF or full extened, full retract is only get the relay to work.
tons of examples .

if your piston is double acting (need air to open and also air to close)
then you have two solenoids and need to have either a DPDT relay or two relays.

all the Arduino would do is to activate or de-active a relay.

if you wanted to control distance, then you would need feedback of distance
distance for pnuematics is much harder.
in a servio, there is a pot for feedback that has a separate controller that postions the motor based on the signal compared to the pot.

in pneumatics, there is a device called a Pilot Postioner. it has a spring and as the shaft extends, it causes varying pressure for distance feedback. The pilot postioner uses this to then control distance. I only know of them from using a pneumatic control signal without any electronics. You could create all this electronically, but then you would need balancing valves to hold the distance.
Not beginner level stuff.

as others pointed out, you need to give us a lot more information.

And you need to correct the foolish subject line in your first post. :roll_eyes:

You have started very badly.

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