Newb Questions Uno R3 + wifi + something

Hello board

I have made an RC lawnmower. When i say made I mean I assembled some parts.

I have a Sabertooth 2x32 being controlled by Spektrum AR9020. It all works fine.

What I would like to do is control this via the internet. I have an old UNO R3. I know I will need a wifi shield and a method of viewing the cam from the internet.

I do not know where to start. I can get the sabertooth libraries and learn from those examples; what I am looking to learn is more basic I think. OK, I get the shield and now it has wifi. How do I control the sabertooth from that? Would I need like an HTTP server on the arduino? or is it all client side operations? Its a big dangerous machine, so I will need to be able to send commands real time and get real time video. I would really like to hook up an xbox controller to the computer and do it that way.

So, any suggestions on hardware? I want to control from the internet; not just my phone. Will be from a computer.

Even if you can just provide the links to what I need to read/learn that would be great.



Arduino cannot do real time video. Suggest you consider Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi Zero W.

Hell, thanks for posting an answer. I must not have worded the question well or perhaps I come off as an arse.

Thanks for the Pi Zero W tip. Its new and cool. To be honest I would prob just use an IP cam. How I tie that into a site that can send serial commands through the arduino/pi to the sabertooth is where I am having the mental block. But I will check google and see what she says.

Hell, thanks for posting an answer. I must not have worded the question well or perhaps I come off as an arse.

No, its just that we get a lot of newbies here who have no idea the capabilities of Arduino (vs. Pi or vs. something out of Science Fiction Movies for example).

You can get a camera add-on for the Pi Zero. I would guess you will need some kind of wide angle/fish-eye lens adaptor for it.

I've never done this, but I guess you will want the Pi to serve a web page showing the video image and a bunch of controls for the motors etc. The Pi has USB ports, and the Sabretooth data sheet says

Every third generation Sabertooth motor driver comes with USB standard. This makes operating from a
PC or advanced microcontroller as easy as plugging in the cable. Windows drivers are included with the
DEScribe PC software, and no driver is required for Linux. USB is also used with to set options, create
custom operating modes, monitor the system, and update the firmware with new features.

The PI Zero W and the PI 3's both have wifi now.. (and bluetooth I believe as well.. at least the Pi 3 has BT) :slight_smile:

You can EASILY install LAMP (local web server) on the Pi.. (I just did this myself actually) it only took a few minutes to complete set-up and host webpages (along with PHP and MySQL to log data....etc)

However.. this is where my experience with the Pi starts to grow thin... I have never interacted with any of the GPIO pins yet (havent had a need yet.. but its coming)..

While the Arduidno wont be able to support any sort of streaming camera stuff....

you could use an ESP8266 module to give it 'wifi' capabilities....

the ESP8266 module will broadcast its own SSID (wifi network) name.. so any devices can connect to it..
have the ESP module in AP (access point) mode.. but also in CaptivePortal mode means.. devices can connect to it.. but when you open a browser to load a web page.. it will only serve up the embedded web page you load on the ESP module.

I do this a lot to give my 'projects' a local 'web interface' to connect to and control said project..

So you basically serve up a web page that has a GUI/interface (some links/buttons).. then when clicked submits data to itself.. you then parse this data, and perform whatever actions that 'link/button' is supposed to do.

(more or less same thing you would do for the PI!) :slight_smile: