Newbie: 2 Stepper Motors + Arduino

Dear all,

i am a little bit confused regarding the different versions of Arduinos out there. Thus, I dont know what to buy for my project.

My project:

I want to steer two stepper motors from my PC (WinXP). So far, I thought the Arduino Uno Rev3 would be the most suitable. However, I couldn t find any stepper motor shields that allow to steer/operate/drive two (!) stepper motors.

So my questions are:

Which stepper motor shield can i use in order to operate two stepper motoros simultaneously (and control them via the arduino code on the pc)?
until now, i only saw motor shields that allow to operate ONE stepper motor. This would result in two usb connections to my PC. This does not work for me as i must control two motors

What is a suitable power supply to the arudino uno rev3 and the respective motor shield? where can I get it?

many thanks for any help on this.


Vielen Dank vorab für jede Hilfe.


This one drives two steppers

You don't necessarily need a shield. Take a look at the Pololu stepper motor drivers - you could hook two (or more) of them up to an Uno to drive your motors.

Be sure to get a stepper motor driver board rather than a h-bridge driver board that is really intended for regular DC motors.

Proper stepper motor driver boards - for example the Pololu A4988 - allow you to power the motors with higher voltage for higher torque at higher speeds.