Newbie here, need guidance on Fanatec shifter to logitech wheel adapter

Hi guys

Im new to arduino's and to be honest im not sure this can or can't do what im wanting. Im looking at making an adapter so I can use my Fanatec clubsport shifter on a logitech g29 wheel (long story but its how it is).

I know you can just buy a usb adapter and be done with it but these are for a special project and I want them to have console use aswell eg PS3 and PS4 etc

Ive found out all the info I need on how these shifters work

  • Fanatec clubsport has a hall effect sensor with 2 micro switches. It sends back on a PS2 cable and one pin has these voltages depending on position of hall effect sensor

N= no micro switch (voltage doesnt matter)

The 2 seperate micro switches tell the up/down positon so when shifter is far left it outputs about 2.7v and for 1st gear it hits micro switch 1 and for 2nd gear it hits micro switch 2.

  • Logitech shifter has 2 seperate pots for X axis and Y axis and has a switch for reverse. It sends back on a DB9 cable and then outputs these voltages depending on positon of each pot on a red and brown cores from cable

Gear Red Brown
1st 4v 1v
2nd 4v 5v
3rd 3v 1v
4th 3v 5v
5th 2v 1v
6th 2v 5v
N 3v 3v

Basically what I require is to know if I can have it send an input of 2.7v (from fanatec) to the ard and then it outputs 4v (which will go to logitech red core), when it gets an input of 1.5v (from fanatec) to ard and then it outputs 3v etc etc

I can then sort out the micro switches doing the brown core (properly not as hard)

Can this be done with an ard?


So basically you want to read an analog voltage , and drive 2 output voltages acording to that input value,

Not too hard : use analogRead on an input pin, and drive the 2 outputs from 2 lookup tables using 2 analogWrites..

Use a simple lowpass filter to reduce the pwm ripple to acceptable levels.



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Can you post links to what you are asking help with please?
A Fanatec clubsport shifter is;

Logitech shifter

A games/simulator gear sticks.

Tom..... :slight_smile:

Yeah sorry they are gaming shifters for pc and console use

I need it to read analog voltage as you say but drive 3 voltages according to that input voltage at least

Also a few things over but this is the hardest bit

Reply #1 has it down. With a 4.7K and 10uF RC lowpass filter, you can create levels such as these
(or maybe it was 10K and 4.7uF).
This is analogWrite at 0, 25, 50, 75, 100 ... up to 250.