Nextion displays.

Has anybody on here had any experience with these displays.

I have a 3.2" and have had mixed success getting anything to load on it via a micro card. Often I get either a " no file found " or " file type is too low ".

Only a couple of times have my button or slider appeared on the screen. There haven't been many problems loading the example programs on the Arduino but I haven't been able to get the two to communicate yet.


Try adding a few controls in the ide. Compile the file. Then, under File (I think) go to the build folder. Copy the file to you sd card. That must be the only file on the sd card. Stick it in the sd slot on the display and power up the display. When it says it is done downloading, cut the power to the display, pull the sd card out and power the display back up.

Thanks TKall:

Tried your method and here is what I got:

First I formatted the sd card. Then set up the display type and orientation. Then placed a button and compiled. Then opened the build folder and sent the TFT file to the sd card. Made sure TFT file was on the card. Placed card in display and applied power. Here's what I got:

Baud: 9600 SD CARD UPDATE..... after zero seconds beginning update SIZE: 1440142 COPY... 0%

I got the above four times and got the following twice:

File version is too low

When I take the SD card out and I apply power this is what is on the screen:


Also have tried using 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB cards.

Do you see the button if you run debug?

Yes I do see the button when running debug in the GUI.

do you have the display connected to an arduino?

Yes to a Mega2560.

Arduino ground connected to nextion ground?

Problem Solved.

I found that my 4GB and 8GB micro SD cards couldn't be used at all to load a file onto the display. Also found that my 16Gb card would only work about once out of ten tries. Got a new 4GB card at Wal Mart and now I have no problems loading a TFT file to the display.

I still can't get any interaction between the display and the Arduino but I hope to work that out in short order.

Thanks TKall.

I found some pretty helpful tutorials and will post links for you.

Download this example.

I used it to display temp from a DHT11 on the screen and to turn LED's on and off by touching buttons and moving sliders on the screen.

Do you have a drawing program? Inkscape worked well for me. I used it to draw a schematic of my system and define hotspots so that touching a particular component, for instance, gave details about that component.

Thanks again TKall.

I can now make my own screens with multiple buttons and sliders. And can also control multiple LED's and servos with the buttons and sliders controlling a Mega2560.

What I haven't been able to do is send anything from the Arduino to the display.

I also want to set up some gauge screens to play with.

The more I play with this Nextion display the more I like it. I have a 3.2" display and my next purchase will be a 5" or 7".

I like it too. Gauges seem to just use the gauge tool with an appropriate graphic.

I'll look at what i did to get temp data from the arduino.

I have prepared series of video tutorial based on Nextion display. Here is channel.

While inhterfacing with arduino, you don't requires any stack or library. You can create your own. I have explained all the toolbox.

Following video shows how to interface with arduino and shared the code too..

I have a query about arduino due and Nextion screens: "nexLoop (nex_listen_list) if I add a new sentence to the loop the buttons on the list do not respond, how can I solve this situation?