NodeMCU does not light properly. Attendance system using RFID, nodeMCU and arduino uno

I am trying to make an attendance system using Arduino uno, RFID-RC522 and nodeMCU WiFi module.
I have followed a tutorial seen on youtube, but I can not get my nodeMCU fixed.
When I hardly plug the GND to it, it will blink and then stop. How do I get to fix this?`
Btw, I have not uploaded anything, but just plugged them all together and connected them to my laptop, so they light up.
The tutorial I am using can be seen in this youtube link

However, I find it weird that on the system architecture in the video, the GND on the nodeMCU module is different plugged than in practice, but I have tried both.

This is my setup

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You tried to provide documentation....
Providing a conventional wiring diagram makes it much easier to read and make more helpers hook on to Your topic. Using a lot of surface showing the circuit boards are blue is waisted energy.

What do You mean by "hardly connecting gnd..."? It looks like the main power comes from USB. Of course all the boards must have a common GND.

The wiring diagram is seen in the youtube video above.
By 'hardly connecting gnd', I mean that when I plug the wire gnd of nodeMCU (almost 100%), then it will light up, but then turn off. I have tried to find the "spot", where the light is on consistently, but it only blinks.

Thanks in advance.

How do You download the code from a video?
Almost no helper spend time looking at videos.
The current flowing into the nodemcu must have a gnd to return. Find other ways to know if the controller is working or not.
Install some Serial.print in the code, telling what's happening and use the serial monitor in the IDE.

The description in the video has a link, where I can download the code. But I have not uploaded any code. I am just wondering whether there is a problem with my wiring or it is normal that the nodeMCU should blink and not light up as it does in the video. All my devices are brand new, so I assume there is not any problem with them.

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