non standard Arduinos?

Hello, I am a real newbie with Arduino’s.
Thought I might just learn something and I bought a couple of boards
and a bunch of other components, hoping to forge ahead…

My problem is the boards . They are Chinese clones, marked UNO R3. (see attachment)
Yet when I try to select a board, and verify, it doesn’t recognize the board. was attracted by the price,
and didn’t know anything about them.

I’d hate to waste these boards. Is there some way to get them recognized by the compiler/verifier?

I want to use them in an Engine Monitoring System, (exhaust gas temps, head temps, fuel flow, etc.)
along with an optical IR Tachometer

I appreciate your assistance, and thank you in advance.


I had the exact same boards and they work fine, just change your board to “arduino genuino uno” in the IDE when trying to compile the code and it should work fine.

Thank You I will try that next time I get an opportunity to work on it.


You need to provide details about what you mean by "it doesn't recognize the board" if you want help.

Thanks, OM2220,

You had the solution spot on.