Noob question, how to power 4 motors


I'm new to electronics. For my setup I have 4 MG996R servo motors than run on 5v. I use the Vin and Gnd of the Arduino and connect 4 motors to that with a breadboard.

For the power supply I've connected the Arduino to a 5V 3A adapter.
When testing, the wire to the Vin pin was melting. The same happens when directly connecting the breadboard directly to the adapter.

I wonder why there is so much stress on the wires? Are the 4 5v motors really too much? Is it because of the breadboard?

In general, how do I properly power these motors?

Thanks in advance,


Connect the servo power wires directly to your 5v power supply without going through the Arduino.

Solderless breadboards are not designed to carry high currents. I would not route the servo power through one of them.


What do I need to directly connect the 4 x 2 wires to the adapter?

A soldering iron and some solder, perhaps?

Or maybe just some chocolate-block connectors?


Since those servos have a stall current of around 2.5A each your 3A power supply might have hard time supplying 4 of them. And you definitely need good wiring direct to the servos NOT through the Arduino and not through a breadboard either.