Not recognising my arduino!!! please help

Hey guys,

I have tried everything, I have reinstalled the software countless times. My arduion was working perfectly last year but havent used it in a while. now i want to start a project and i cant install the drivers. it doenst bring up a COM port.

Just comes up with Unknown usb device (port reset failed) I have searche dthe forums and tried eveything that has been suggested.

I also get another message someimes when trying to install disk driver from C:/Program Files(x86)/arduino stating that i must make sure its compatible with x64 bit system.

Im compltely lost starting to think the Arduino is broken. Green light is on and orange 'L' light,

its driving me mad

Pleae help. very new to arduino!! :confused: :confused: :o :o

Why would you need to install the drivers if you already was using it last year?

Are you not telling us something like this is a different PC or something?

(you're new to Arduino, but you were using it last year?)

Is it a real Arduino, or a clone? What kind of board?

Check the chip near the USB port (assuming the board doesn't have native USB) and report back which one it is. A lot of clones use the CH340G, which requires a separate driver download, since it's never used in official boards (they work fine though).


Yes i barely used it last year.

This is what i thourght, why install it agian , Because i have used it before it would work. but apparently not.

Its not a clone its from arduino.

Just comes up with a malfunction notice and says Unknown USB device (port reset failed)

I have tried everything from uninstalling all my usb drivers and reinstalling. i have manually installed the arduino driver in the COM port . but im given a (code 10) message

It seems like the arduino itself may be broken, it wont let me install any drivers on the Unknow USB device (port reset failed)

Thanks for response

its an uno, sorry

Have you verified the identity of the USB-serial interface chip (the IC near the USB connector), like I asked above? The official ones (and the "faithful" clones all have a 16u2 (or 8u2 for old ones), while clones have CH340G, FT232 (some real, some fake), or one of the other less popular ones.

There are some flat out counterfeit arduino boards on the market that have the logo and everything, but a different USB serial chip - so I don't trust that you as a new user can tell if it's official. Since all further debugging depends on what USB serial converter it uses, this is critical to establish.

It is a MEGA 16u2