OBD2 with seeed studio Can-bus Sheild

I need small sketch and correct library for Arduino with SeeedStudio Can-Bus and OBD2 Cable.

My Application will read all protocols for cars to read RPM, Speed and ...

I have the below parts:

Thank you guys.


Thank you spycatcher2k for your replied.

I already visit it, but this wiki isn't help me with my project, this wiki library only for check send and receive.

Please i need the solution. :slight_smile:


Thank you for replied.

i tried with this library on wiki, it's only for send and receive, i need other library for OBD2, i tried with many libraries and received the below:

the connection is completed but the values are appear with 0.


How do you know (IOW, "Who says...") that cable is supposed to work with that device?

He describes it as "OBD2 16-PIN PLUG TO DB9 RS232 SERIAL DIAGNOSTIC ADAPTER CABLE OBD II 2". I would expect to have RX/TX on pins 2,3 and Gnd on pin 5 of the 9-pin connector. The CAN-BUS shield's 9-pin connector doesn't conform to that "convention". The cable seller doesn't give any details as to its wiring.

Does seeedstudio have a recommendation?
They sell this device but not a cable for it?

Thank you Runaway Pancake


  • Does seeedstudio have a recommendation? No

-They sell this device but not a cable for it? i checked the wiring connection, it is like the below picture

Please i need your support guys to provide me with below:

the request is sending to get the PIDs: CAN.sendMsgBuf(INT8U id, INT8U ext, INT8U len, data_buf);

"id" represents where the data come from.
"ext" represents the status of the frame. '0' means standard frame. '1' means extended frame.
"len" represents the length of this frame.
"data_buf" is the content of this message.

i need this data for RPM.

Thank you

Please i need the values for the below:

CAN.sendMsgBuf(INT8U id, INT8U ext, INT8U len, data_buf);

RPM or Engine Load anything, because i need it ASAP

Thank you guys.


AGAIN : You need to a little reading about the can-bus protocol - I did a cursory search for it on google, and there is loads of info out there.

Perhaps a LMGTFY is in order.

caveat emptor - seeedstudio's standard dearth of detail


Thank you so much :slight_smile:
i will update you soon