OLED display and serious burn in

Hi all,
I'm using two 0.96" SSD1306 128x64 OLED display, black and white.

After only four months of use I see serious burn in.

Is there a way to reduce or avoid burn in in those displays?

here a video of the display in action.

I like to have it on all the time because I use it as an HUB for all my sensors/arduinos in the house.

It's a "control panel"

Implement a screen saver.

Actually, many of your display modes already do that.

Your video does not show any burn-in.

Hi, sblantipodi

OLED's are reported to suffer from burn-in. It is in their genes

see OLED screen burn-in is rare, but it could still ruin your TV (or Nintendo Switch) - CNET