opinion on FRDM-KL25Z ??


this thing look s pretty powerful

48 mhz

built in accelerometer

etc etc

has anyone tried one ?

Depends on your level of experience. It is not an Arduino which typically means a lot less documentation and hand-holding. Far fewer people are using it. This may or may not matter to you, but the level of support should always be considered.

i guess i am looking for a board that is less arduino looking for low volume production

what is available that uses the arduino language but it not the same dimensionally

I would have to disagree with you on support and community as it is rather unfair… the board has only been around since the fall of last year AFAIK and at $12.95 seems a good bargain especially because people from Mbed are producing useful classes for the board, I spent 5 minutes and looked at the TI Kinetis forum supported by Mbed and came away surprised enough that I went and looked up the board for the second time.
I really enjoy my Arduino’s, all of them from the Digix that I bought to my tiny’s. My language knowledge and use are semi functional and I started cold in march of 2012… Frankly I’d like to learn more “Classical embedded C++” I have no interest whatsoever in the hardware except to understand how it is used, I am acceptable as an embedded controller designer not specialized in one architecture but how to red the data sheets and whatever can be gleaned from reference designs or developing anything commercial unless it be unusual hardware but I would like to learn the way that it is done in most other products… The code and practice…
I think sometimes that the IDE is a little too fuzzy and warm… and that’s about the time I realize that I don’t have a clue as to what I need to do to solve some challenge in the current IDE… It can be rather humbling.
Perhaps the only thing is that I’m not conflicted with this, is that I realize that I need to learn until the IDE becomes too small.
Then I’ll be hungry enough to once again find reason… until then the path to discovery is interesting and provocative on many levels. Sometimes exciting when something works better than I thought or intentionally designed for… It’s All Good.
I was amazed at the down to earth answers on the Mbed FRDM-KL25Z section, I suspect though that this was due to the average level of experience and education there seems higher than here in the newb’s… perhaps it’s the relative age difference Again Strictly IMO…


for low volume production

I think this board is very much a subsidized evaluation board, rather than something that can really be sold at the price they're selling it for. And it could go away at any time.

OTOH, PJRC's "Teensy 3" is a pretty similar (better) cpu that is still low priced, and already has the Arduino environment set up for it.

Frankly I'd like to learn more "Classical embedded C++"

Take a look at the Arduino libraries. Many, perhaps most of them are 'classical' C++. The Arduino IDE is just a minimal thin layer an top of C++. You can mix-in 'classical' code any time you feel the urge :slight_smile:

I have used this board in a big project and have to say that is a very very good setup alltogether , I did a lot lot of research before getting this tool basically you should lookout for the peripherals available, core clocking, number of GPIO etc and etc all were more than 8bitters used on our Arduino.
Drawbacks are 2:

  1. Not that much documentation on mBed especially the KL25z for example I had to dig deep and mod the GLCD library to print left side on the left side instead of priting the left side of screen on right side!

  2. i2c problems were there at the beginning dont know today!

  3. mBed RTOS not working on it however you can build the official freescale one.

I think all these problems are because its new on mBed and those people there like Samuel Mokrani are working very hard to complete everything.

Also moving to your own PCB is very easy and possible too! all in all I love it for about the same cost of an ATmega328p you get a KL25z128VLK4 which is no match as its too powerful, I'm very happy with it.