ov7670 with fifo (22pins) and uno using

**i want to use OV7670(with fifo)camera module with arduino UNO and ethernet shield on arduino ide.

**my camera module has 22pins.That is its picture;

**And this is my arduino uno and ethernet shield

**i cant find a example for my documents.Other examples dont have 22pins.
How can i use that camera module with arduino uno and ethernet shield on arduino ide ?
Please send me connection picture and arduino ide code.
Thats important for me..

Count the needed pins for both network and camera chip and you'll see you have too few ....

only camera using.
i use ethernet shield because it has sd card module

I have the same problem I ervisdo many forums and examples but none successfully

If you find the solution to the problem would appreciate compartieras to mail me dimates@hotmail.com