Part for Motorshield

I have created a board that uses the components on the Sparkfun Ardumoto Motor Driver Shield. I have the motor driver IC and also the diodes but cant seem to find two components on the shield. I thought I found them on DigiKey but they were too big to be soldered on my board. Has anyone used these parts on a board or know where I can locate them?

Here is the schematic

The part number is 74HC1G04 and is connected to the L298 Bridge Driver

Thanks for any help,


It looks like you can get them Digikey. Looking at the spec sheet there are two different packages available--SOT353-1 and SOT753. You linked to the large SOT753 version, so I thinking you need the smaller SOT353 version.

Newark appears to have stock.

Of course, double check that SOT353 is the correct footprint.

You can also get them from Farnell:-;jsessionid=HUQOCDXU4RMKGCQLCIQZKBQ?N=0&Ntk=gensearch_001&Ntt=74HC1G04&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial&suggestions=false&ref=globalsearch&_requestid=905939

As is it only a single inverter gate you could just use a single transistor in place if you wanted.

Perfect, Thanks to you both. I have the parts ordered and I can now finish my project