Philips LED Strip plus controlled by Arduino

Hello Devs and Makers!
I'm new in this metier.
My goal is to build my own livingroom tablelight. The Idea is to controll it with the same app as my existing Lifx Bulbs.
Therefore I ordered a Pinoccio ( and some sensors to learn the basics.
My Idea is, to use a RGBW LED Strip, such as Philips Hue LED Strips Plus. One cheap solution would be, to buy the extension strip of the Hue Set. But up to now I didn't found any code infos how to controll this strip by Arduino.
An alternative would be to use the LED Strips from Adafruit. There I miss the info about Lumen/m and I don't like the 4000 Kelvin color temperature for white. This argument would be obsolete, if its possible to controll the "whiteness" temperature by the RGB LEDs.

Do you see any chance to controll a Hue Strip by Arduino?
Is it possible to controll the "whiteness" of the Adafruit Strip? And are they dimmable?

Would be nice to get some infos for the start of the project. If I'm some steps further, I can share my experiences here.

Kind regards

The AdaFruit neopixel strips are RGB LEDs and you can therefore control the colour temperature.
I know nothing of the other strip you mention.

Sorry for my imprecise termination. The strips are called "Philips Hue LightStrip Plus" and you could find them with the following link:

Would be nice, if somebody knows how to control them :slight_smile:

Anyway, the Adafruit RGBW Strips seams to be a good alternative. What would be the best microcontroller for them? I would like a small board with onboard wlan. Not shure anymore if the pinoccio is the best choose. They seem to have problems with deliver on time.
What about the Particle Photon?

How can it be programmed?