PIC12/ESP programming question (new to Arduino)

Hi, I have been programming PIC Microcontrollers using the MPLAB IDE from MicroChip and am interested in using the Arduino IDE. I have an USB programmer from Microchip that allows me to flash the device. What are the requirements to make this possible?

Same question for ESP8266 devices...


You can't program a PIC using the Arduino IDE. If you are familiar with MPLABX why do you want to?

You can program ESP8266 boards with the Arduino IDE, you just need a USB cable to connect them to your computer.

Thank you! I did see a project where the author used a PIC in combination with two ESP boards and ESP-Now to create low power and fast responding ESP devices. I can do the PIC code in MPLAB but this project used Arduino, so I got curious to learn more about the IDE and ecosystem. Good to know ESP devices are programmable using Arduino. Thank you for the help!

My heating controller runs on a PIC32 and is linked to an ESP8266, which gets time from an NTP server and data from temperature sensors, plus rain and wind sensors.