Please, I need help finding the right MP3 module and getting it to work

Please, please I need help with finding and programming an MP3 module. I have shopped extensively on-line and have seen many of these modules but I am unsure of which ones will be able to meet my requirements.

I need an MP3 module that will do the following:

1.) When the power is switched on and an attached button is pressed then one random mp3 file will play from a collection of approximately 200 mp3 files which are typically 10-20 seconds long. It is important that only one random file play without the user having to set the player mode to “random”. The module would not be used to play in any mode other than “random”. Ideally, once a file is played it would not repeat until all of the others had played.

2.) Run on 3 AAA batteries and have a built in amplifier for direct connection to a speaker. The mp3 recordings will likely be at a sample rate of 22050 and bit rate of 56 or 96 kbps. The module needs to provide good quality sound to a 3-5 watt, 4 ohm speaker.

Do you think it is possible to finding something that would meet these requirements without additional programming? If not, then what are the basic specs I need to shop for?

I truly suck when it comes to writing code. Do you think it is possible to get extensive help with the programming? Where should I look for help? Is there any site(s) you could recommend for help with the whole programming process (coding & hardware) for one of these mp3 modules?

Thanks in advance for any help on this!

I have used DFPlayer for exhibitions and for audio stations in museums. During the last years I used about 30 of these players with different setups. Partly with headphones attached, partly with (small) speakers.

It has an amplifier on board. Wheather it will fit your needs depends "how loud" you need the speaker to play.
The sound quality is reasonable (maybe not "Hi Fi" but if you files are 22050 Hz it is not Hi Fi anyway).

200 mp3 files is OK and the random play function you need can be programed (Arduino or other microcontroller).

I have never used it with batteries. I think it will work with 3 AAAs for some time, but it will not last a whole day.

I always got the players via ebay.