Pogo Pin Holders?

Hi there,

So I like these pogo pins but one major drawback is that pogo pins never seem to come packaged like header pins. I want a 2x3 standard 0.1" spacing block (like ICSP headers) that are populated with pogo pins. Do I just have to manually line up the pogo pins when I solder them or is there an easy way to package them into pogo holders like header pins so that I can just solder the block instead of individual pins 1 at a time?


You did see this:

Use a proto PCB as a drill index.




If you want a kit there's this:

but it should be easy enough to DIY.

I actually made one by heating up the plastic of a 2x3 IDC connector a little with a heat gun a little and then pressing the pogo pins into the holes (not big enough to fit the pin without softening the plastic. The pins wiggled around in the connector after that so I used some hot glue to fix them in the correct positions. That made a very minimal ICSP POGO cable for programming boards that didn't have ICSP headers soldered. of course the circuit board/soldering approach is the way to go for a test jig.

OK thanks guys, that helped!