Point Tracking Camera

Hey Y'all,
My class is doing a group project and I'm reaching out to see if this is possible. We're trying to make a camera that looks at a white ball with a dot (moving in one degree of freedom, maybe 2), and sends data to a computer that if the ball moving back and forth fast enough just lights up an LED. The idea is that is supposed to be a super simplified version of eye tracking movement. Everything we've found that is eye tracking the output is to a display system for interaction, ie if someone is paralyzed. Ours is passive, real-time eye monitoring to track concussion status.
Let me know if you guys have any questions/if i made any sense at all!

What you want to do is far outside the abilities of the Arduino. Maybe a RPi could handle that.

Maybe the Pixy camera?
If you want to do image processing yourself, get a Pi or something similar. Arduinos can't do this.

Yes, it's called a Pixy.