Portable Gym Card Reader

Hi, I`m hoping you can help guide me. I want to kill 2 birds (figuratively) with one stone. My son is getting into electronics and very basic coding and i also need something built so i was hoping to get the parts necessary. The gym i represent is doing a series of outdoor sessions and we need to build a portable rfid scanning device for members cards. Our members are equipped with the 13.56MHZ (i think) RFID cards, and we need to be able to scan them and store the data on an sd card if possible so later we can upload it to our centres membership system to record which members attended. And obviously it needs power. Any guidance you could give on the parts i need to order would be fantastic. Thank you in advance.



You have to get one of these and work on it. This instructable might help you, theres a arduino library included in that instructable.

P.S. I have no experience with card readers, I just looked around for 5mins and found these.

Ok, thanks but i think im going to need more than just the rfid reader...... Can anyone else make some recommendations?

Well.. yes, you'll need an Arduino to pair with the reader..

I have found the SPI versions to be difficult to work with and documentation lacking as well.. (but I dont have much experience with RFID stuff.. just got a kit to 'play with'.. I would get a SERIAL version next time)

You're also going to need a way/place to store things.. how much data? (no clue)..

you mention an SD card, So you'll probably need to get a SD card shield/adapter as well..

and a battery source.

You probably need five things. A microcontroller, a RFID reader, a SD card reader/writer, a battery and a display. You might be able to get by with a few LEDs or a buzzer for feedback but it would be a lot easier if you could monitor the output from the reader with some sort of display.

You could also use a smartphone as display by adding a cheap Bluetooth module your your setup.

Thank you gentlemen. If we were to get stuck, and wanted to pay someone to put it together (As much as id love to work it out with my son, as i believe that`s half the fun, there are deadlines), where would i find such a person?

That would be what the "Gigs and Collaborations" board is for.