Power Consumption of Arduino Pro Mini and Arduino Pro Micro

Could anyone have the experience that use Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V/8M and Arduino Pro Micro 3.3V/8M? My purpose is to minimize power consumption. Therefore, I want to know the current when powering Pro Mini and Pro Micro 3.3V.

I have google Arduino power consumption, and find the link below.

It shows Arduino current under 9V and 3.3V. However, it doesn't show the Arduino Pro Micro current. Hope someone can give me some advises.

I guess those figures are for the off the shelf devices. You can reduce the power consumption further if you are prepared to perform a bit of surgery on the board. The 2 common changes are to remove/bypass the regulator and remove the power LED.

Then you have the various low power / sleep modes of the processor itself.

I've got a barebones 328P setup that has been running on the same 2 AA batteries for 9 months and still has plenty of life left in it.

Presumably you will be wanting to connect up some devices to it. They will also contribute to the overall power consumption as well.

Also, this discussion may be helpfull.

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