Power supply for 12V (27A) /5V (8A)


I have a project running 15 stepper motors and many other electronic components that needs two separate power supply lines. One supplying 12V (ca. 27A) and another supplying 5V (ca. 8A).

So far I've been using 5 old computer PC power supplies, and although they do work fine, I'd like to have something a bit more secure and "professional".

Do you have any indications of good brands or types for my case?

Unfortunately I can't spend too much on it. Thus, the cheapest solution that could give me a security of running the setup 48h uninterrupted, would do the job for now.

Thank you!


By "more secure" do you mean you want a UPS?

You won't find cheaper than computer supplies I suspect...

Indeed I didn't. I'll keep using the PC ones until I can get a couple of Mean Well power supplies (MW RSP-320-12 and SNT RS 150 5) maybe.

Thanks for the answer, MarkT.