Powering 3.3V components with a LiPo

Hi, I would like use a LiPo to power a project using an ATMEGA and an nRF24L01. The ATMEGA doesn't pose a problem, I can clock it with 8MHz and then it runs with whatever voltage the LiPo provides (3.2-4.2V). The nRF24L01 however has a maximum voltage of 3.6V, so it could be damaged when the LiPo is charging, for example. The project aims for long battery life with a lot of sleeping, so burning the excess voltage is not an option ... This would be great, I think: http://www.ti.com/product/tps63000 but there is no way I can work with the QFN packaging.

Any ideas? I am surely not the first one who wants to build a LiPo driven nRF24L01.

You can get breakouts with LiPo -> 3.3V switchmode or low-drop-out regulators if you look around.

Also LiFePO4 cells are 3.2V nominal and can be used for 3.3V devices directly in my experience. Less of a fire risk too.