Problem wiring ir sensor to Uno for basic hand motion control

I’m new to this forum and complete Rookie in terms of Arduino so just brief background so you understand my level of understanding (or there lack of) regarding arduino. Last year I Built a quadcopter based on Arduino however that board was pre-assembled/soldered so my efforts were primarily just connecting/soldering motors to ESC’s and connecting everything together, regarding Arduino environment, I’ve downloaded and used to update firmware on quadcopter from v1.9 to v2.0. I just bought an Arduino Uno last month and have only so far had the time to run a couple of basic sketches (blink & servo), I also just got min pro board this week from eBay in hope any successes I may achieve on Uno I can adjust sketch and port over to mini pro board (smaller/cheaper).

Recently I came across a pretty impressive (to me) method of basic hand gesture control via 3 x ir sensors (E18D80NK), 3 x LED’s and Uno board, here’s a link to the Instructable:

Unfortunately there was no detailed explanation of the exact wiring for this so I had to screenshot image of wiring diagram from linked video and make best guess from there. Below is explanation of my wiring methodology,

On the IR sensors (E18D80NK) I understand pinout as follows:- RED/Power, BLACK/Gnd, YELLOW/Signal. I’ve all 3 x REDS tinned together and soldered onto 1 x male header pin (1K resistor in line on each of 3 wires). I’ve all 3 x BLACKS tinned together and soldered onto 1 x male header pin. I have each YELLOW tinned separately and soldered on to separate male pin each of their own. LED’s have all BLACKS tinned together and soldered onto 1 x male header pin, each RED wire from LED’s are tinned separately and soldered onto separate male header pin off their own. I’m not entirely sure where to locate my GND’s from IR LED’s and regular LED’s and also where to put RED/pwr from IR LED’s on Arduino UNO. See attached photo for better understanding of my current wiring pinout as I understand it.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has taken time to read this and hopefully an arduino veteran somewhere out there can help

Sorry, forgot to add IR sensor data sheet, here’s link:

In instructable guy has said to used 1k resistors on each of the pwr wires from 3 x IR sensors, which I did, however upon further researching on-the-line I seen couple of mentions of using 100k (pull-up or pull-down?) resistors on the signal lines to microcontroller, is this correct?.. See screenshot of what I mean about 100k resistors