Problem with an RGB matrix

Hi everybody!
Some weeks ago I’ve bought a 8x8 RGB Led matrix (the one on the left) with the idea to connect it straight to Arduino ports and to control it with multiplexing. After a very short while I’ve dropped that idea and looked in ebay for a way to controll it and I’ve found the board on the right.
The board fits perfectly on the arduino, but the matrix doesn’t fit perfectly on the board!
Even if they have 8 pins on both side it seems they are not “alligned”: there’s 1 pin difference.
I’ve tryed to connected them in all possible ways, also putting some power with the hands and reallinging them but the result is always the same: when I try to run Downloads · lincomatic/Colorduino · GitHub just half of the matrix seems to work, and in a very confused way …
Can please anybody help me?
Thanks in advance and sorry for my english… :blush:


I got the same kind of led matrixes from ebay (only smaller). With my matrixes the pins were not assigned in any logical way. Maybe you have the same problem? Try to find the datasheet concerning your matrix for your pin layout I do have a basic setup and script if needed