Problems identifying the Pins on a LED matrix

If somebody could help me with identify the pins on a 8X8 single color LED matrix it would save my day.

On the side it says MT15088BK, on the bottom it says M1088A/B and WLG, if I google it the closes I get are bi-color LED matrix’s.

I don’t want to damage the matrix or my arduino

thanks in advance

Roel Scheijde

Roel, Are you sure it is single color? (It should have 16 pins then.) You can identify the pins with a 4.5-6 V DC source (batteries in series) and a resistor (150-220 ohm). You are not going to damage the LEDs if you power them in reverse with this setup. Draw the matrix on paper, then go through (all) possible combinations. Write down the pins you find when a LED lights up.

If it helps at all, I believe that numbering scheme matches closely with the 8x8 led matrix I bought from (link: )
Do they look like this?

If so, here is some data that may help:

It's single color and by testing I been able to match 7 rows to 7 pins. more testing to be done

If you would post your pin scheme once your finished so we can keep the data in a safe place for anyone else that needs it :)

I just bought two 8x8 red LED matrices from ebay. The code printed on them is LD-1088BS and I believe most of these matrices have identical pin-outs.

This guy shares a simple project with them (with code):

and he hosts a datasheet that seems to match:

It look like they are different model of 8-by-8 Matrix. I post something about the one I have.,66784.0.html