Problems when installing new Libraries

Initially I wish to introduce myself, my name is Carlos and I’m writing from Argentina, I want to thank the entrance to the forum and meeting wonderful people in it.
I am having the following problem when I want to install new libraries in Arduino.
The soft version is 1.5.4 my Arduino., I followed closely the Arduino way to install new libraries (either manually add the form to the Libraries folder, and add from the same software) but can not get that in writing a code and include a library in my Sketch, (eg include <time.h>) the word Time is not highlighted, it goes black.
This happened to me when I wanted to include the libraries DS1307RTC, Time and TimeAlarms.
I would appreciate your invaluable help.
Best regards from Argentina.

After installing a library you must restart ALL instances of the IDE, otherwise the new lib will not be seen.

Wrt highlighting, libraries can contain a text file called keywords.txt that triggers the highlighting. If it is missing, you can easily create your own. Some core libs have examples to "copy from".

orangemicrosys: the word Time is not highlighted, it goes black.

The highlighting is a keyword-based file. No highlighting is not a problem.

Many thanks Rob!!:

I commented that I restarted all instances of the IDE and nothing new has happened and in each folder (DS1307RTC, Time and TimeAlarms) keywords.txt files are included.
This is what I find strange.

HI James!!!

With what you indicate means that although the library does not appear highlighted in the code that should be compiled well, otherwise if the software would recognize the library, when compiling the software should shed mistake, this is so?. Greetings. Carlos

orangemicrosys: when compiling the software should shed mistake, this is so?.

If there are no errors when compiling, the library is installed correctly.

When I install a new library, I always "test compile" one of the included examples. File -> Examples -> "The Library" -> an example....

Thanks James! I will try with what you propose me. Best regards

Dear forum friends: Thank you for your invaluable help, the help given by you I have been very useful, as it suspected that the libraries were not properly installed by me (not seen in the libraries highlighted when editing a sketch), but it was just a scare and I could edit, compile my sketch normally. Thank you again. Best regards. Carlos XD XD XD