Problems with following the guide of my project (coffee roaster)

Days ago I published a problem that centered around a code of a coffee roaster. Fortunately, that is resolved and the code now works. But when I did that, I really hadn´t made the physical assemble of the project. And sincerily, I consider myself a rookie in arduino and electronics.

Right now, I really don´t know what to do exactly when connecting the components. If someone could give me feedback or he did it and has a video with indications, I would be so glad. Yes, it is my fault for choosing this project without having checked it that well. Anyway, thanks.

The site of the project:

Does that mean you have all the necessary components, as listed? Have you disconnected all the corn popper components, as described? Please help us. We can't see what you have or have done.


First of all, I really dont get how he installs the relais and what he does with the fan motor.
Heres a video of the popcorn machine im using; its a turmix penguin machine, im using a sun hold RAS 1215 relais (I guess it works, right?) and a lm35 sensor.
Can you explain me how to do those steps?

I'd suggest that you better start with something simpler and less dangerous. Handling hot and high voltage parts should be reserved to some experienced electrician. You're lost if you don't know the characteristics of your fan motor yourself :frowning:

I concurr with DrDiettrich, we are very hesitant to attempt to guide someone to work with things than could kill them.

There are quite a few plugs that are WiFi controlled.
You put it into the wall outlet and then plug your thing into that.
The Arduino would need to be WiFi enabled,

This eliminates any need for you to touch things that could kill you.

if you take the odd wiring diagram from the instructables and used your favorite PAINT program.
color all the objects one color like dark green
5v is red
arduino ground is black

and then things will start to make sense.

Well guys looks like I´m changing of Project and I need to do it in 3 days. So it needs to be something fast and use the majority of the components I have, like the Arduino protoshield, the lcd screen and the temmperature sensor, since those are more general and useful than a Relais. So, any ideas? Please

If you have two sensors then you can do a indoor-outdoor weather station. Then have the Arduino turn on a relay when it is hotter or colder outside.