Program corruption over time

I programmed an Arduino to do a particular task about 2 years ago. It operates perhaps 8 hours per week. The task it was assigned to do is misbehaving. Up to now it has been very reliable. It logs GPS data to an attached SD card. Are Arduinos known to "lose" their programming over time? My problem is it's not with me to re-upload the sketch.

That's exactly the specification of written at datasheet.

Well, The period is another story. :roll_eyes:

It seems then that for all practical purposes they don't.

I think it suggests that it is likely that the cause of the malfunction was another factor. :wink:

SD cards are expected to degrade over time. GPS signal can be poor indoors or if new trees, buildings are now involved. You may need to write some test code to help figure out where the issue lies.

Thanks for helping me out.

Do you use the datatype String?

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There can be plenty reasons why you don't get the results that you expect after some years. You will have to provide some more details about the project. GPS logging indicates a mobile environment; on which Arduino is this running?

The environment in which the Arduino works might have an effect or you might be powering with the absolute maximum voltage in barrel/Vin which will reduce lifespan of the voltage regulator and so on.

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