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Hey i need some help with this code. this is the error it is displaying and idk what to do.

c:\Users\Admin\Documents\Arduino\Launchpad_Receiver\Launchpad_Receiver.ino: In function 'void loop()':
c:\Users\Admin\Documents\Arduino\Launchpad_Receiver\Launchpad_Receiver.ino:20:26: error: void value not ignored as it ought to be
 done = (msg, 1);
Compilation error: Error: 2 UNKNOWN: exit status 1

how do i fix this?

Start by showing your whole sketch.

Hi, @lcat06
To add code please click this link;

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Did you cut and paste this from a website? You might have a hidden junk character embedded in the sketch.

Try re-typing the same line, right below it, and then delete the original line.

I think the way to fix it is to change it to:, 1);

That message would typically come from using a return value from a function that does not return a value (a function declared as void).
Does the library used for radio define its own read function?

The error message suggests that the code you have is intended to be used with a different library. Post links to where you found/downloaded everything.

Hey, i have been trying to upload this code to my clone arduino nano and it is not working. The error message says "Error 2 UNKNOWN: no FQBN provided". I have installed the ch340G drivers and it is still not working. CAn i please have some help! Thanks!

Hi @lcat06. Please try this:

  1. Select Tools > Board > Arduino AVR Boards > Arduino Nano from the Arduino IDE menus
  2. Try uploading again.

Hi, @lcat06
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What code?

Can you load other code to the Nano, like "Blink without delay" from the "Examples" folder?
You may need to select that the Nano has "Old Bootloader" fitted, as most clones do not have the up to date firmware.

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I'm not really sure if your 2 questions are the same or not, but they look related so I have merged them into one. Please do not post multiple questions on the same subject.


They are unrelated.

The error about FQBN is caused by not having a board selected. Unlike the classic Arduino IDE, the Arduino IDE 2.x installation does not come with the "Arduino AVR Boards" platform, or any other boards platform pre-installed, so on first startup you will not have any board selected (

The "Arduino AVR Boards" platform is installed automatically via the Boards Manager infrastructure (, so as soon as that installation completes you are then able to select a board.

Unfortunately, the error message that results from attempting to compile without a board selected does not effectively communicate this situation to the user (

The fact that @lcat06 shows that they did finally select the board. You could never get to a true compilation error without a board selected because the compilation process can't even start without a board selected.

The thread is a bit confusing because the merge combined the two topics out of chronological order, but you can see from the timestamps that the topic about the FQBN error was made before the one about the "void value not ignored" error.

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