Programmer for IR remote Stepper motor with A4988 driver Project

Hello guys,

New to Arduino and programming and I have been working on a project for a motorized turn table with speed controlled by an IR remote, it also has a and LCD that displays ambient temp, humidity and a the temp of a liquid with a separate waterproof sensor, I have gotten most of it to work except the Stepper + IR remote. My code is very very rudimentary mostly based on pieces of different starter projects so I figured I would post this here to see if someone could help me out with it and maybe get it to the point where it can actually be useful for what I want.

I can give a few more details if interested, I did originally post thins in the forum for help but I’ve realized that with my very basic knowledge of programming it’ll just take too long and probably wont turn out the way i originally wanted it.

Here’s the link to the original post. Let me know if its something anyone can help with.


Do you have a budget for this project?